Process Explorer and VirusTotal

About a year ago, Rob had a diary entry about checking a file from Process Explorer with VirusTotal.

Did you know you can have all EXEs of running processes scanned with VirusTotal?

In Process Explorer, add column VirusTotal:

Enable VirusTotal checks:

And accept the VirusTotal terms:

(update: as you can see, by default Process Explorer only submits hashes to VirusTotal, not files, unless you explicitly instruct it to submit a file).

And now you can see the VirusTotal scores:

Process Explorer is not the only Sysinternals tool that comes with VirusTotal support. I'll showcase more tools in upcoming diary entries.



Didier Stevens
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Jul 17th 2015
If you don't have direct access to the internet, you'll need to specify a proxy. Unfortunately, it won't take IE's proxy setting, you'll need to set it via netsh:

backup your settings:
netsh winhttp show proxy

set the proxy
netsh winhttp set proxy <ip addr>:<port>

Don't forget to reset your proxy settings when you are done:
netsh winhttp reset proxy (or the appropriate command from your backup)

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Thanks Didier. I have been trying to find a way to make the autorunsc program work through our proxy. However when I set the WinHTTP proxy, the autorunsc program does not seem to use it (still attempts to go direct which fails). Have you or anyone else here found a solution?


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