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Office maldoc + .lnk

Reader nik submitted a malicious document. It's an Excel spreadsheet containing a Windows shortcut. As Windows shortcuts can contain interesting metadata like the MAC address of the computer that created the .lnk file, I took a closer look.

First we take a look with oledump:

The 0 next to stream A2 indicates the spreadsheet contains an embedded OLE2 object.

We can get more info:

It's a Windows shortcut file (created by Windows user Tiny).

We will extract it for further analysis:

And then we can use Woanware's lnkanalyser:

Unfortunately, the .lnk file does not contain interesting metadata. But we can see that it uses PowerShell to download an executable from Dropbox.

Didier Stevens
Microsoft MVP Consumer Security


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Jul 15th 2017

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