New Firefoxen out

New versions of FIrefox 2 & 3 were released this evening.  Firefox fixes 11 security vulnerabilities 6 of them critical including 2 remote code executions.  Firefox 3.0.4 fixes 9 security vulnerabilities, 4 of them critical.  As we've mentioned before, the Mozilla folks recommend that folks still running FF2 upgrade to FF3 as soon as possible.



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Nov 13th 2008
The usually efficient Firefox update procedure seems to have failed this time around. I was prompted to update to I gave the OK but Firefox reported that the partial update had failed and offered a full update (the usual closing and reloading having occurred). I gave the OK to that, the update was downloaded and presumably applied but Firefox did not automatically reload as it usually does. It will now not load at all. I haven't rebooted at the time of writing and that may resolve the problem but soemthing unusual has definitely taken place.

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Reboot did not resolve problem. Reinstalled from last available full install ( Worked fine. Downloaded a new copy of and reinstalled; same problem i.e. it loads but doesn't open any browser window. I had reasons for not wanting to install Firefox 3 just yet but have now installed and, surprise surprise, problem resolved. (OS XP Pro SP3).

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