New Firefoxen and Seamonkey out

Published: 2008-11-13
Last Updated: 2008-11-13 03:32:06 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 2)
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New versions of FIrefox 2 & 3 were released this evening.  Firefox fixes 11 security vulnerabilities 6 of them critical including 2 remote code executions.  Firefox 3.0.4 fixes 9 security vulnerabilities, 4 of them critical including remote code execution.  As we've mentioned before, the Mozilla folks recommend that folks still running FF2 upgrade to FF3 as soon as possible.  Also, they have released Seamonkey 1.1.13 which fixes the same 11 security vulnerabilities as FF



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The usually efficient Firefox update procedure seems to have failed this time around. I was prompted to update to I gave the OK but Firefox reported that the partial update had failed and offered a full update (the usual closing and reloading having occurred). I gave the OK to that, the update was downloaded and presumably applied but Firefox did not automatically reload as it usually does. It will now not load at all. I haven't rebooted at the time of writing and that may resolve the problem but soemthing unusual has definitely taken place.
Reboot did not resolve problem. Reinstalled from last available full install ( Worked fine. Downloaded a new copy of and reinstalled; same problem i.e. it loads but doesn't open any browser window. I had reasons for not wanting to install Firefox 3 just yet but have now installed and, surprise surprise, problem resolved. (OS XP Pro SP3).

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