Microsoft Vulnerability in RPC on Windows DNS Server
As a follow up to our diary earlier this week about a potential new DNS Vulnerability,  Microsoft has released an advisory in regard to the vulnerability.  Microsoft has investigated and it appears a vulnerability exists that could allow an attacker to run code under the Domain Name System Server service.  This service by default runs as the local SYSTEM id. 

Microsoft has a few suggested actions that can mitigate the risk.

  1. Disable remote management over RPC for the DNS server via a registry key setting.
  2. Block unsolicited inbound traffic on ports 1024-5000 using  IPsec or other firewall.
  3. Enable the advanced TCP/IP Filtering options on the appropriate interfaces of the server.

For more information, please see  KB 935964 (Vulnerability in RPC on WIndows DNS Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution).

Scott Fendley
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Apr 13th 2007

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