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May 2015 Microsoft Patch Tuesday Summary

Overview of the May 2015 Microsoft patches and their status.

# Affected Contra Indications - KB Known Exploits Microsoft rating(**) ISC rating(*)
clients servers
MS15-043 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer
(Replaces MS15-032 )
CVE-2015-1658, CVE-2015-1684, CVE-2015-1685, CVE-2015-1686, CVE-2015-1688, CVE-2015-1689, CVE-2015-1691, CVE-2015-1692, CVE-2015-1694, CVE-2015-1703, CVE-2015-1704, CVE-2015-1705, CVE-2015-1706, CVE-2015-1708, CVE-2015-1709, CVE-2015-1710, CVE-2015-1711, CVE-2015-1712, CVE-2015-1713, CVE-2015-1714, CVE-2015-1717, CVE-2015-1718 KB 3049563 . Severity:Critical
Exploitability: 1
Critical Critical
MS15-044 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Font Drivers Could Allow Remote Code Execution
(ReplacesMS13-034 MS13-082 MS15-023 )
CVE-2015-1670 CVE-2015-1671 KB 3057110 . Severity:Critical
Exploitability: 1
Critical Critical
MS15-045 Vulnerability in Windows Journal Could Allow Remote Code Execution
(Replaces MS14-038 )
KB 3046002 . Severity:Critical
Exploitability: 2
Critical Critical
MS15-046 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Could Allow Remote Code Execution
(ReplacesMS13-085 MS15-012 MS15-022 MS15-033 )

KB 3057181 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 1
Critical Important
MS15-047 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft SharePoint Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution
(Replaces MS12-066 MS15-022 )

KB 3058083 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 2
Important Critical
MS15-048 Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
(Replaces MS12-038 MS13-015 MS13-040 MS13-082 MS14-009 )

KB 3057134 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 3
Important Important
MS15-049 Vulnerability in Silverlight Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
(Replaces MS14-014 )

KB 3058985 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 2
Important Important
MS15-050 Vulnerability in Service Control Manager Could Allow Elevation of Privilege

KB 3055642 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 2
Important Important
MS15-051 Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers Could Allow Elevation of Privilege
(ReplacesMS15-023 )

KB 3057191 vuln. public. Severity:Important
Exploitability: 0
Important Important
MS15-052 Vulnerability in Windows Kernel Could Allow Security Feature Bypass
(Replaces MS15-010 )
CVE-2015-1674 KB 3050514 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 2
Important Important
MS15-053 Vulnerabilities in JScript and VBScript Scripting Engines Could Allow Security Feature Bypass
(ReplacesMS11-031 MS12-056 )

KB 3057263 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 2
Important Important
MS15-054 Vulnerability in Microsoft Management Console File Format Could Allow Denial of Service

KB 3051768 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 2
Important Important
MS15-055 Vulnerability in Schannel Could Allow Information Disclosure
(ReplacesMS15-031 )
CVE-2015-1716 KB 3061518 . Severity:Important
Exploitability: 1
Important Important
We will update issues on this page for about a week or so as they evolve.
We appreciate updates
US based customers can call Microsoft for free patch related support on 1-866-PCSAFETY
(*): ISC rating
  • We use 4 levels:
    • PATCH NOW: Typically used where we see immediate danger of exploitation. Typical environments will want to deploy these patches ASAP. Workarounds are typically not accepted by users or are not possible. This rating is often used when typical deployments make it vulnerable and exploits are being used or easy to obtain or make.
    • Critical: Anything that needs little to become "interesting" for the dark side. Best approach is to test and deploy ASAP. Workarounds can give more time to test.
    • Important: Things where more testing and other measures can help.
    • Less Urt practices for servers such as not using outlook, MSIE, word etc. to do traditional office or leisure work.
    • The rating is not a risk analysis as such. It is a rating of importance of the vulnerability and the perceived or even predicted threatatches.


Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.

I will be teaching next: Intrusion Detection In-Depth - SANS Doha March 2022


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ISC Handler
May 13th 2015
Win7/64bit computer stuck at Stage 1 of 3 - 23% complete. (after being told to reboot after patching)

I seem to remember this happening 2-3 months ago.

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Looks like KB3061518 is breaking client communications with Catia (DSLS) license servers. Removing the update fixes the problem.
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Systems stuck on configuring updates stage 3 of 3. [can also be 1 of 3 or 2 of 3 as noted above]

Solution: hit control alt delete.

No root cause, no one particular update has been identified.


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Had one of those happen today, where CTRL-ALT-DEL worked. My system from yesterday tho was completely locked up and its problem happened BEFORE the reboot. The little circle was not spinning and there was no hard drive activity. Did a hard reset on that one and everything came up fine.... and all patches showed as installed.

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