January 2017 Microsoft Patch Tuesday

If your job today is to apply Microsoft patches: You get to go home early today! I think this is the lightest patch Tuesday ever.

Microsoft today released 3 bulletins itself plus one for Adobe. While two of the vulnerabilities are "publicly known", they only affect non-critical updates: A privilege escalation vulnerability in Microsoft Edge (CVE-2017-0002) and a denial of service vulnerability in LSASS (CVE-2017-0004). For the first time in a many many months there is no Internet Explorer update this month.

You can find all the details again via our MSFT Patch page: https://isc.sans.edu/mspatchdays.html?viewday=2017-01-10 or our API if you prefer a more structured format: https://isc.sans.edu/api/getmspatchday/2017-01-10

I doubt that Microsoft ran out of vulnerabilities to fix, but due to the holidays at the end of December, they likely had less time to fix existing vulnerabilities. January has been historically a "light month" for bulletins:

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Jan 10th 2017

the ISC summary page shows MS17-002 as rated "critical" by Microsoft.
Their page for MS17-002 shows a rating of "important".


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fixed. I also removed the duplicate CVE for MS17-001. (site may take a while to update due to caching)

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