IPv6 and DNS Sinkhole

In January 2010, I posted a diary on how to configure zone files to setup a DNS sinkhole using IPv4 addresses. This updated diary shows how to add IPv6 support to your zone file to sinkhole both IPv4 and IPv6.

Single Hostname (/var/named/sinkhole/client.nowhere)


Wildcard Domain (/var/named/sinkhole/domain.nowhere)


Note: If you are not currently using IPv6 in your network, change the example fec0:0:0:bebb::5 to ::1 (localhost) to prevent 6to4, Toredo, etc from leaving the network.

To verify your zone files are correctly configured, you can use nslookup to query a hostname or a domain loaded in your sinkhole.

With Windows 7 (note that it shows both IPv4 and IPv6):

C:>nslookup zz87lhfda88.com
Server: seeker.someserver.com

Name: zz87lhfda88.com

With Linux, you need to specify query AAAA record:

guy@seeker:~$ nslookup -q=aaaa zz87lhfda88.com

zz87lhfda88.com has AAAA address fec0:0:0:bebb::5

[1] http://isc.sans.edu/diary.html?storyid=7930
[2] http://www.whitehats.ca/main/members/Seeker/seeker_sinkhole/Seeker_DNS_Sinkhole.html
[3] http://www.whitehats.ca/downloads/sinkhole/sinkhole.iso
[4] http://www.whitehats.ca/downloads/sinkhole/sinkhole64-bit.iso


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