Domain Whitelisting With Alexa and Umbrella Lists

I read an interesting blogpost: Domain Whitelist Benchmark: Alexa vs Umbrella

The author reported that around 1400 domains on Malwarebytes' hpHosts EMD blocklist were in the top 1,000,000 domains Alexa and Umbrella lists. I was interested to know how high these domains ranked, and fortunately they had shared the results. But I was not able to download the list (406 error).

Thanks to the detailed explanations, I was able to reproduce the results. I have 1413 domains on the Umbrella list and 1361 domains on the Alexa list.

Here are high ranking domains on the Alexa list:

Here are high ranking domains on the Umbrella list:

It is interesting to see that domains on a blocklist score really high on lists that happen to be used as whitelists too.

Didier Stevens
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Apr 8th 2017

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