Defacement Contest
Update: Only few defacements have been reported as a result of the challange., which was supposed to track the defacements is down due to high traffic (real and DDOS). No big surprises at this point. Some security sites used
"self defacements" to protest the media hype around this challange.

After changing web hosts a couple of times, the challange site is now
online again. the time of the content is now set to 9am-3pm Estonian Time (Eastern
European Timezone), which makes it 6am-12pm GMT, or 2am-8am EDT.
Current website URL:

An unidentified group announced a "defacement contest" supposed to be
held on July 6th 2003. The goal of the contest is to deface as many sites
as possible during a yet to be announced 6 hour period.

Some security companies reported a decrease in defacements this week, which
was seen as an indication of hackers 'saving' sites for defacement during the

The Internet Storm Center is at this point not aware of any particular
unusual activity. Defacements occur in large numbers daily and usually use
standardized tools easily obtained by unskilled hackers. Contests like the
one above are held regularly, even though usually without any formal announcement.

However, based on the publicity this announcement received, it is possible that
the defacer community will be more active on Sunday. The actual contest web site
is no longer available.

At this point, we do recommend to review web site security in accordance with your
security policies.


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Jul 6th 2003

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