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Another Maldoc? I'm Afraid So...

Guess what? Yep, there's yet another type of malicious document going around. Like last time, it's a MIME file with an MSO file containing an OLE file.

The sample (schro_193B11.xls 7F8C5E8B7157B04FA8E9CEEF13C28AB9) is an Excel spreadsheet saved as a MIME file:

But this time, the compressed data is at another position inside the MSO file:

So I updated my oledump tool (V0.0.16) to search for compressed data inside MSO files (in stead of looking at a fixed position 50).

The string encoding used in the VBA code is interesting. It is reminiscent of RC4:

I also updated my plugin plugin_dridex with this encoding:

Didier Stevens
Microsoft MVP Consumer Security


649 Posts
ISC Handler
May 15th 2015
So this is just one more attempt to fetch malware per download by a .VBS extracted from an MS office document.

Guess what: SAFER alias software restriction policies blocks both the execution of the .VBS and the downloaded malware!
Guess what: SRP and AppLocker are trivial to bypass, because Microsoft designed it like this.

"SANDBOX_INERT: If this value is used, the system does not check AppLocker rules or apply Software Restriction Policies."

I reported this 4 years ago:

As a result of my blogposts, Microsoft designed a hotfix to disable this bypass.…

This hotfix is not installed by default.

649 Posts
ISC Handler
Guess what: I expect every non-idiot using SRP or AppLocker to be aware of this optional update and install it.

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