Adobe flash player patch

A few readers wrote in to point out the fact that adobe released a new flash update today.  It looks like this update fixes a few security related issues outlined in APSB09-01 (link below).   Please feel free to write in if you find other write up's on these vulnerabilities.

Associated CVE numbers and acknowledgments:

  • CVE-2009-0519 - Roee Hay 
  • CVE-2009-0520 - Javier Vicente Vallejo
  • CVE-2009-0114 - Liu Die Yu
  • CVE-2009-0522 - Eduardo Vela
  • CVE-2009-0521 - Josh Bressers


Adobe APSB09-01


Idefense write up on CVE-2009-0520




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Feb 25th 2009

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