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Adobe June Black Tuesday upgrades

In the past it was by accident, but from now on it'll be by policy: Adobe will add to the monthly workload by releasign their patches on a monthly schedule to concide with the Microsoft scheme.

June yielded just one bulletin:


Affects Acrobat (Reader) on Windows and Mac

This fixes following CVE names:

CVE-2009-0198, CVE-2009-0509, CVE-2009-0510, CVE-2009-0511, CVE-2009-0512, CVE-2009-0888, CVE-2009-0889, CVE-2009-1855, CVE-2009-1856, CVE-2009-1857, CVE-2009-1858, CVE-2009-1859, and CVE-2009-1861.

Note that the bulletin states "Additionally, this update resolves Adobe internally discovered issues".

Among the list are a number of JBIG2 filter vulnerabilities.

JBIG2 filter vulnerabilities have been exploited in the wild, so you really want this upgrade now.

Swa Frantzen -- Section 66


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Jun 9th 2009

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