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Packet numbers different in various Dshield reports

Every morning about 07:00 local, I submit packets. Recently, the reports I receive from Dshield show vastly different numbers of packets being acknowledged. Am I doing something wrong?

For example for Saturday 2015/04/17, I received these two messages

From: at 17/04/2015 07:15
Subject: DShield Submission Confirmation
Authorized Userid: 1016641719
Timezone: -04:00
Lines in file: 714
Lines rejected: 8
Unique lines written to database: 558

From: at 04/18/2015 02:47
Subject: Daily DShield Report 2015/04/17
Day: 2015-04-17
Userid: 1016641719
For 2015-04-17 you submitted 11 packets from 7 sources hitting 1 targets.

Any idea why the number of packets / Lines in file are so vastly different in these reports?


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For those who may be having the same issue, this was simply due to the fact that we do not import ICMP packets that are submitted. Alex Stanford

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The final solution to this problem is to put in a filter under
Edit | Edit Line Exclusion Filters to exclude ICMP, or in my case,
Edit | Edit Line Inclusion Filters, and add "pppoe0" as required text in every line that I send to DShield.

Thanks Alex

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