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iPhone 6s hacked
Can anyone please help me secure my iPhone Please!
There is someone that has to much time on there hands.i have Siri embedded speech that’s not right and I caught the file with file browser.i have tons of TCP. Ports open and some disconnected some are closed I don’t want to erase my phone. I would love to figure out where all my files are ending up because my phone and iPad are file servers Apple thinks I’m crazy.i have been dealing with this since end of April and I’m going crazy
Please help
Thank you
P.S I have a ton of pics to back it up

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It's normal to see open and closed ports - never forget that your iphone is a tcp client. Clients open ports to servers all the time, you'll see the same thing on a Windows or Linux host (run netstat -a)

If you are seeing this sort of information on an iphone, it sounds like you might possibly be running on a jailbroken device? If so also keep in mind that the jailbreak solutions are themselves potentially malware. Even in the best case, with a "good" jailbreak, many of the protections that Apple puts in place are set aside once you jailbreak. If you are running a jailbroken iPhone, I really would suggest you go back to a more "appley" security posture.

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