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JAVA is Evil but?
OK, From reading the SANS Newsletter, I get that their general consensus is:
If you MUST... First, pound your PC Flat with sledge hammers, Torch the pile with Thermite, Divide the remains up and feed it to 42 pigs, Set 128 rabid dogs to eat the pigs, Then kill the dogs.
This you must do to a system BEFORE you install JAVA or FLASH on it.

That being said, Why is it that most US Govt Software jobs REQUIRE JAVA?
I have seen 3 RFP for NEW software that states, as a requirement, that all code be scripted with JAVA....

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I understand the concerns about Java and Flash, but almost every site on the web uses one or both. Until there is a suitable replacement that the mainstream moves to, I don't see either one disappearing anytime soon. Some sites, usually news media and retail locations use 30 or more scripts alone, many connecting to their advertising providers. I've notice quite a slowdown on the web lately especially when they tie one script to another, and to another, just to make the site functional for the visitor. Don't they still use Java in automotive systems? Glenn

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The Java requirements are probably for "server-side" application development and not java applets that web browsers used. Mike7

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