Updates to Sysinternals Toolkit

Published: 2009-12-02
Last Updated: 2009-12-02 16:56:54 UTC
by Rob VandenBrink (Version: 1)
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Roseman tells us of updates to the popular Sysinternals toolkit.  This round includes updates to the utilities: VMMap, Disk2vhd,  Sigcheck,  Autoruns,  PsExec and PsKill.

The Disk2vhd update is the one I find most interesting - they've updated it to fix the kernel and HAL during the migrate, to make migrated VHDs bootable in Virtual PC.  This has been around forever in VMware's P2V and newer versions of the same tool, I'm glad to see this function available on other virtual platforms!

Disk2vhd also allows you to skip sectors with CRC errors, which gives you a shot at recovering failing physical disks by migrating them to virtual - this feature is a really helpful one !

Find more information here ==> http://blogs.technet.com/sysinternals/archive/2009/12/01/updates-vmmap-v2-5-disk2vhd-v1-4-sigcheck-v1-63-autoruns-v9-57-psexec-v1-97-pskill-v1-13-and-a-new-windows-internals-session-video-from-mark-at-pdc-2009.aspx

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