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Published: 2017-06-08
Last Updated: 2017-06-08 00:19:36 UTC
by Tom Webb (Version: 1)
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It's summertime and your little hackers need something to keep them busy! Let look at some of the options for kids to try out. I’ve tried out each of these programs and have had good luck with them. Please post in comments any site you have been successful with your kids in teaching them STEM or IT Security. I’ll keep this list up on my github 


Coding Options (4-7)

Scratch jr (app)

  • Is a gui application that easy to use building blocks to make programs. You will need to help your kids as there is no walk through within the app.

Coji (Robot and App)

  • Coji is a robot where you use an app to move him around your house. The app also has games to teach you coding basics. A about half of the puzzle are too hard for him, but it's fun.  

Coding Options (7 and 12)

Scratch (PC)

  • Scratch is a application that allows you to code using building block. This version has more complex logic options.

Hour  of code(PC).

  • Learn coding basics using a browser in about an hour per section. Lots of different themes to keep kids interested.

Made with code(PC)

  • Similar to hour of code but more slanted towards girls. Great for all thought.

Minecraft modding (PC)

  • They use building blocks like scratch to make Minecraft Mods. They have lots of options to play and learn watching videos for each learning objective and earn badges. 


Scratch Books

Coding Games in Scratch (Jon Woodcock)

20 Games to Create with Scratch (Max Wainewright)

Scratch Coding Cards (Natalie Rusk)

  • These cards can be done on at a time, to do coding in little bites.



Snap Circuits

  • These are the replacement for the ScienceFair 150-in-1 projects I grew up with. Build simple electronics by snapping together electronic parts.


  • Arduino kit that plugs into scratch . There a lots of cools project depending on what kits you have. I bought several when radio shack was closing in my area.


Tom Webb


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