Snort is coming out Thursday, ClamAV 0.97 update released

Published: 2011-02-08
Last Updated: 2011-02-08 18:10:04 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 1)
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While this post may be a bit self-serving, as Snort is made by the company that I work for (Sourcefire.  In the interest of full disclosure).   Since Snort is rather large piece of security software, I thought I'd point to a blog post that I put up on the blog about the release of Snort that is being release this Thursday.

Check out the Snort blog post here.  

ClamAV was also updated this week to version 0.97, and since this a rather large piece of security software as well, I thought I'd point to the blog post that I wrote about ClamAV 0.97 update the other day.

Thanks all.

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