OpenDNS is looking for a few good malware people!

Published: 2012-07-21
Last Updated: 2012-07-21 04:39:18 UTC
by Rick Wanner (Version: 1)
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Most readers of this space will be familiar with OpenDNS for its DNS based approach to Internet filtering.  One of the components of that is a crowd sourced classification of URLs into categories, something that OpenDNS refers to as domain tagging.  OpenDNS is looking to take domain tagging one step further.  OpenDNS CTO, Dan Hubbard, has put out a request  for knowledgeable security people to domain tag the malware category.

If you have a few cycles and you think this might be a fun way to contribute to Internet safety, then please check it out.

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2 comment(s)


crowdsourcing = using info from unpaid drones that would usually come from paid employees
Pity the poor unpaid drone chained to a keyboard and forced to...oh, wait. Talk about a misplaced sense of outrage.

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