New Poll: Which Patch Delivery Schedule Works the Best for You?

Published: 2012-05-08
Last Updated: 2012-05-08 02:01:38 UTC
by Kevin Liston (Version: 1)
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I've enabled a new poll today in honor of this month's Patch-Tuesday.  In your organization is it easier for you to set aside that 2nd week of the month to focus on security patching, or is it easier for you to integrate security patching into your everyday system administration?  I've always felt that if your environment was large enough to have it's on vulnerability management team, a steady stream of security advisories was preferable to the shock of all arriving at the same day.  However, not everyone is that size, so it may be easier to schedule widespread reboots on Tuesday nights, saving Wednesday for dealing with any consequences (which seem to be happening less often, thankfully.) 

Which would you prefer in your environment?

2 comment(s)
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