New ISC Feature: One Liner "event notes"

Published: 2009-10-04
Last Updated: 2009-10-04 13:09:42 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1)
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We are going to introduce a new feature this weekend: One liner "event notes". These notes are intended for cases in which we try to point out something briefly, which doesn't deserve or need a full diary. For example an outage, or a patch for some software.

Right now, the notifcations are not sent for these "one liners". In the future, I may add an option to send them.

Please use our comment form to report problems with these one liners. I am also interested in anybody who has issues using the OpenID login. Right now, I am aware with some providers having problems, but I need a few more samples. If you attempted to use an OpenID, but it failed, please let me know the Open ID you used and how it failed.



Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
SANS Technology Institute

2 comment(s)


I would like to add a strong vote in favor of supporting notifications for those one liners. If I don't get a notification, I'll probably miss them . . .
Already missed two so far, notification would be good...

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