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Published: 2008-03-27
Last Updated: 2008-03-27 17:25:21 UTC
by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 1)
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Quick update: The last episode ("Episode 1") is not available as MP3. We had some issues with MP3s initially, but I think its solved now. Enjoy.

Joel and I got together to record a podcast. We would like to make this a regular feature, and include the monthly threat update webcast. The idea is to create an episode every 2 weeks. One episode each month will be published on "reboot wednesday". Another episode would follow 2 weeks later.

At this point, I set up 4 "Episodes"


  • 2 old webcasts (the last two) unchanged.
  • 1 "presentation" with slides about getting started with IPv6
  • and the new "podcast"

At this point, this is a test to see how the different formats work and which format you prefer most. The last "episode" is what I think these podcasts will come out like in the future. We are very interested in feedback!

(and yes... we know Joel is a bit "soft"... its hard to get me quiet... i had the microphone running with attenuator and put it about 3 feet away from me)

Try to search for the podcast in itunes if you use itunes (it should be up there... but I haven't found it yet :-( )
iTunes direct URL: hasn't indexed our podcast yet, so you have to use this direct link)
The direct URL for the podcast:

Johannes B. Ullrich Ph.D.
jullrich \a t/

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4 comment(s)


Personally, I would find it really useful if the podcasts were available in MP3 format. iPod specific formats severely limit the scope of users able to download the podcast to their devices...
We are going to put it out in mp3 as well, just last night in a rush to get to my screaming baby, I only mastered the m4a version.

Sorry about that, we'll get the mp3 version out soon.
It was by no means a criticism, just I really wanted to be able to make use of it. If the podcast is anywhere near as good as the diary posts it will have pride of place on my (non-apple) MP3 player :)
The MP3 version is now available. Enjoy ;-)

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