Google Acting Slow?

Published: 2008-12-08
Last Updated: 2008-12-08 22:50:40 UTC
by Joel Esler (Version: 4)
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Everyday we receive about 20 reports of "" being slow.  Today we've received a few reports about Google being slow.  One reader (thanks Neal) even wrote in to say that after he did some monitoring on his connections, he isolated it down to "".  Obviously, from the hostname being one of the servers that serves ads to lots of websites. 

Neal stated that after he blocklisted this hostname, his browsing went back to normal.  Anyone else experiencing similar?

(Yes we have received several reports of Google being slow, I'm asking if you can replicate the "pagead2" issue.)

 Update:  We haven't heard any more about this today, so, I'm not sure of the end result.  Personally, if my Google Ads are a little slow in loading...  I'm not sure I mind much.

Update 2:  We just received an email from a reader in Denmark, using, is having his Google DNS queries redirected to a Yahoo server.  No more info than that at this time.

-- Joel Esler

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