For the Adventurous, Java 8 is out

Published: 2014-03-19
Last Updated: 2014-03-19 21:21:03 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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Looks like JAVA 8 is out (thanks Rob).  

What’s new:

Release notes:


Note that many of the Java 8 download links still point to 7.51


Good luck let us know how you go if you are updating right now. 


3 comment(s)


When are vendors going to get off v6?
Yes, when? I just had to downgrade ffrom 7 to 6 yesterday because of an old SAP intranet web page that I was required to use. I don't mind using 6 for non-browser stuff like TI's Code Composer, but 6 in a browser spells trouble in my book. :-(
I swear that half of the "upgrades" needed are just getting the darn Manifest in your applets recompiled to include the new stuff that Java 1.7 requires. I'm constantly chasing people who want to lower the Java security settings to "Medium" because some applet is dying due to a missing manifest element. Our "Exception Site" list is growing for internal apps with applet issues as more and more people unwittingly or unknowingly update to 1.7.

By the way, has anyone noted if Java 8 updates finally drop the AskToolBar bundle?

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