Clientless SSL VPN products break web browser domain-based security models

Published: 2009-12-01
Last Updated: 2009-12-01 12:50:28 UTC
by Chris Carboni (Version: 1)
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Matt sent a note pointing to a new advisory issued by US-CERT

"By convincing a user to view a specially crafted web page, a remote attacker may be able to obtain VPN session tokens and read or modify content (including cookies, script, or HTML content) from any site accessed through the clientless SSL VPN. This effectively eliminates same origin policy restrictions in all browsers. For example, the attacker may be able to capture keystrokes while a user is interacting with a web page. Because all content runs at the privilege level of the web VPN domain, mechanisms to provide domain-based content restrictions, such as Internet Explorer security zones and the Firefox add-on NoScript, may be bypassed."

The complete advisory can be viewed here.

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