Browsers Tumble at CanSecWest

Published: 2009-03-19
Last Updated: 2009-03-19 22:41:16 UTC
by Mark Hofman (Version: 1)
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The three major browsers fell in quick succession at CanSecWest. 

The Pwn2Own competition produced similar results as last year and I'll go out on a limb and suggest they will next year as well. IE8, FF and Safari tumbling in record times.  Not necessarily nice with IE8 becoming available today and being exploited before many people finished downloading.  

Here are some write ups of the event.   h-online DV-labs

Happy Browsing

Mark H 


1 comment(s)


Given that the actual 3rd most popular browser in the rest of the world (2nd and 1st in some parts of the world) is Opera (see for detailled analysis of browser market share), I feel reassured I do not use any of the aformentionned software.

Of course it is possible those hackers are tool lazy to test multiple browsers (Chrome is also missing) but it safe to say Opera is more used than Safari and sometimes the other 2 and that it is also more secure.

Haa, American centered hacking!!!


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