Apple?s patch flood

Published: 2007-08-01
Last Updated: 2007-08-01 20:54:45 UTC
by Bojan Zdrnja (Version: 1)
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On Tuesday Apple released 3 major security update batches:

  • APPLE-SA-2007-07-31 Security Update 2007-07 fixes 45 security vulnerabilities in Mac OS X (various applications and services are affected). If you run Mac OS X you definitely want to install this since a lot of common packages are affected. You can find more information at
  • APPLE-SA-2007-07-31 Safari 3 Beta Update 3.0.3 fixes 4 security vulnerabilities in Safari 3 Beta. All 4 vulnerabilities affect Safari on Windows XP or Vista and 3 of them also affect Mac OS X. More information at
  • And finally, APPLE-SA-2007-07-31 iPhone v1.0.1 Update fixes 5 security vulnerabilities in iPhone. As some of them are pretty bad (arbitrary code execution after viewing a maliciously crafted web page) you also definitely want to install them, if you’re using your iPhone for web browsing. More information at
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