Apple releases advisory for Mac OS X - Multiple vulnerabilities discovered

Published: 2010-06-15
Last Updated: 2010-06-15 21:54:43 UTC
by Manuel Humberto Santander Pelaez (Version: 1)
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Apple released today an advisory for multiple vulnerabilities discovered in Mac OS X. Impacted programs includes CUPS,  Desktop Services, Folder Manager, Help Viewer, iChat, ImageIO, Kerberos, libcurl, Network Autorization, Open Directory, Printer Setup, Printing, Ruby, SMB File Server, Squirrelmail, and Wiki Server. Mac users: please download the Mac OS X Server v10.6.4 Update Mac mini (Mid 2010) at Better to patch quickly before an exploit goes outside the wild.

More information for the advisory at

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2 comment(s)


It's NOT vulnerabilities in 10.6.4, that's the new version that fixes the problems in 10.6.3.
oooops, wrong typing. My mistake. I just fixed it. Thanks for your input.

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