Another Gaming Company Got Hacked (Riot Games)

Published: 2011-07-05
Last Updated: 2011-07-05 07:29:07 UTC
by Raul Siles (Version: 1)
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As you already know, recently gaming companies have been the target of different attacks and compromises. It seems this time the target has been Riot Games, owners of the "League of Legends" game. Still not a lot of details are known about this breach (it seems that the North America servers were affected, and the chat system), but some information is leaking through the forums:

  • "@Riot / Ymir -- NA Servers got hacked":
  • "Your Credit Card Information Is More Than Likely Secure ":

Thanks Lee for the heads up.

Users can see some weird behavior when they leave the game, such as random notifications on the client ( and messages about a group called (League of) NoS, and links to something like www.freeriotpoints... or Free riot points are the in-game currency. The websites try to install a keylogger.

The common end-user recommendations apply, such as keeping an eye on any related transactions with the account and personal data provided to the target gaming company, changing the user profile password to a new and different one (do not reuse passwords) now and once the breach is contained, in-depth cleanup if you visited the websites with the keylogger, and waiting for more details to really confirm when the breach occurred and what user information was really exposed.

Keep an eye on it as well as the other breaches of the week, where once again, personal information might be exposed: Dropbox and Apple survey server.

Raul Siles
Founder and Senior Security Analyst with Taddong

2 comment(s)


Apparently Riot uses a 3rd party for CC processing. There is still no explanation of how the compromise took place.
That Is crazy, another gaming company hacked? :/ I just wish my Info was a bit safer online.

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