Aftermath of Microsoft's October Bulletins, more bots, and Linux rootkits

Published: 2004-10-13
Last Updated: 2004-10-14 01:50:57 UTC
by Jim Clausing (Version: 1)
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Did you miss the ISC monthly webcast?

It seems that most folks must have spent today trying to digest the 10 Microsoft bulletins released yesterday, because our mailbox was relatively quiet today. That was a large portion of today's monthly ISC webcast. If you missed it live, you can still check it out in the archives. Go to:

Possibly lost in the release of the 10 new bulletins, Microsoft also updated MS04-028 yesterday.

Chasing botnets

Please continue to let us know when you discover botnets and especially if you know how the zombies got infected and where the controller is located. We had a reader today who was able to get onto the IRC server that was controlling the botnet and get a list of infected machines. We're in the process of getting the botnet shut down. Today's victims were infected by what Symantec identified as Trojan.Webus.C and Trend identified as WORM_RANDON.B. Our thanks to Mike for bringing this to our attention.

Linux rootkits

A couple of the handlers are doing to some research on the current state of Linux rootkits, if you have any copies of recent (new in the last year or so) versions of Linux rootkits that you'd be willing to share with us, please upload through the contact form. Thanx.


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