Adobe releases patches

Published: 2011-06-14
Last Updated: 2011-06-14 23:56:45 UTC
by Swa Frantzen (Version: 3)
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As if we will not have enough work on reboot Wednesday, Adobe released their own patches today

APSB11-14: Security update: Hotfix available for ColdFusion

CVE-2011-0629, CVE-2011-2091

APSB11-15 Security update available for LiveCycle Data Services, LiveCycle ES, and BlazeDS

CVE-2011-2092, CVE-2011-2093

APSB11-16 Security updates available for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

CVE-2011-2094, CVE-2011-2095, CVE-2011-2096, CVE-2011-2097, CVE-2011-2098, CVE-2011-2099, CVE-2011-2100, CVE-2011-2101, CVE-2011-2102, CVE-2011-2103, CVE-2011-2104, CVE-2011-2105, CVE-2011-2106

APSB11-17 Security update available for Adobe Shockwave Player

CVE-2011-0317, CVE-2011-0318, CVE-2011-0319, CVE-2011-0320, CVE-2011-0335, CVE-2011-2108, CVE-2011-2109, CVE-2011-2111, CVE-2011-2112, CVE-2011-2113, CVE-2011-2114, CVE-2011-2115, CVE-2011-2116, CVE-2011-2117, CVE-2011-2118, CVE-2011-2119, CVE-2011-2120, CVE-2011-2121, CVE-2011-2122, CVE-2011-2123, CVE-2011-2124, CVE-2011-2125, CVE-2011-2126, CVE-2011-2127

APSB11-18 Security update available for Adobe Flash Player


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8 comment(s)


Is anyone else having issues trying to download the .msi package for Reader 10.1.0 at the super-duper secret Adobe ftp site, or am I just cursed today? :) (The .exe pacakges seem to come down ok as do the other products. It seems limited to the Reader X .msi, which, of course, is the one that ya need if ya wanna run the Adobe Customization tool...)
Can't access any Adobe sites ( nor the ftp site). Have been trying for last couple of hours. Anyone else having similar issues?
My last update finished downloading at 10:15am MDT.....went back there just now and it's up

I noticed earlier that the updates weren't available thru autoupdate ....not sure if that is still the case....
Flash Player- critical update
June 14, 2011 ... update to Adobe Flash Player
Reader and Acrobat - critical updates
Shockwave Player - critical update
autoupdated fine
Is it me or is the Shockwave .msi file on the distribution site still the old version? Is it possible to extract this from one of the .exe downloads?
Cancel that - the .msi has caught up...
17 June 2011 - "... update for Adobe Flash Player by way of APSB11-18. What you may not know is that the issue fixed by this update, CVE-2011-2110, is being exploited in the wild on a fairly large scale. In particular this exploit is showing up as a drive-by in several legitimate websites... -critical- that you update your Flash Player..."

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