Thanks for info on chat monitoring; PanadaLabs report; Hyper-Threading vulnerability

Published: 2005-05-13
Last Updated: 2005-05-13 23:03:35 UTC
by Jason Lam (Version: 1)
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It has been a relative quiet black Friday. We have received a lot of help and valuable feedback on how to capture chat logs. Thanks a lot to those who have contributed.

PandaLabs quarterly report

PandaLabs has written a quarterly report on the malware trend and analysis from January to March 2005. It is an excellent read for all to understand the risk we are dealing with on the Internet these days.

Information lead vulnerability on processors with Hyper-Threading

A few readers wrote in today about a vulnerability on processors with Hyper-Threading technology. Due to sharing of resources between thread, a malicious thread (eg. Trojan) can monitor other threads that are executing on the same machine and retrieve sensitive information (eg. encryption key)

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