419 Scams Now In Chat Rooms

Published: 2005-11-18
Last Updated: 2005-11-18 16:25:24 UTC
by Deborah Hale (Version: 1)
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We received an email from one of our faithful readers saying that he was approached in chat room with an attempt to proposition him in a 419 type scam. Steve says that he contacted the Webmaster for the room and the person has for now at least been banned from the room.  I am wondering how many more people have had this same experience.  
1 comment(s)


There are lots of scams in chat rooms, I know this because I have been running http://www.liveonlinechat.org for the past 3 Years. Most of the scams, from what I see, come from profiles registered from Senegal. Block the IP range of Senegal and it helps a lot. Senegal traffic has very little value anyway, so dont worry about losing visitors.

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