Linux Trojan - Xorddos with Filename eyshcjdmzg

Published: 2024-04-29
Last Updated: 2024-05-01 01:58:53 UTC
by Guy Bruneau (Version: 1)
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I reviewed a filename I see regularly uploaded to my DShield sensor eyshcjdmzg that have been seeing since the 1 October 2023 which has multiple hashes and has been labeled as trojan.xorddos/ddos. These various files have only been uploaded to my DShield sensor by IP Here is the timeline of the activity since 1 October 2023.

According to VirusTotal the oldest file submission is b39633ff1928c7f548c6a27ef4265cfd2c380230896b85f432ff15c7c819032c [1] last submitted in Aug 2019 and was uploaded to the DShield sensor only once on the 7 March 2024. 

This file can be detected with ET MALWARE DDoS.XOR Checkin via HTTP at Proofpoint Emerging Threats Open. 

Sandbox Analysis

I submitted file ea40ecec0b30982fbb1662e67f97f0e9d6f43d2d587f2f588525fae683abea73 to a few sandbox including AssemblyLine [7] to get any and all indicators that were part of this sample:

Other indicators appear to include a config file [5] that is used for C2 communications. I compared my results against other online sandbox [8][9] and there isn't much that has changed in the most active sample [1]. 

Indicators - Hashes

ea40ecec0b30982fbb1662e67f97f0e9d6f43d2d587f2f588525fae683abea73 - 65
cd9bc23360e5ca8136b2d9e6ef5ed503d2a49dd2195a3988ed93b119a04ed3a9 - 2
98e53e2d11d0aee17be3fe4fa3a0159adef6ea109f01754b345f7567c92ebebb - 1
b39633ff1928c7f548c6a27ef4265cfd2c380230896b85f432ff15c7c819032c - 1
ecc33502fa7b65dd56cb3e1b6d3bb2c0f615557c24b032e99b8acd40488fad7c - 1
b4a86fdf08279318c93a9dd6c61ceafc9ca6e9ca19de76c69772d1c3c89f72a8 - lib.xlsx
b4a86fdf08279318c93a9dd6c61ceafc9ca6e9ca19de76c69772d1c3c89f72a8 - lib.xlsxpi.enoan2107[.]com:112

Indicator - IP

Indicator - Domain


Indicator - Email 


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