More CVS woes

Published: 2004-05-27
Last Updated: 2004-05-27 22:57:34 UTC
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It appears that the trouble at CVShome is worse than originally thought.

The main site is still down. German online magazine Heise (1) carries a report from Derek Reboer Price of the CVS team. In it, Price explains that the cvshome servers were breached and a root kit installed, prior to the CVS patches being applied. No further details on the initial breach are available at this time.

The CVS-Bugs mailing list archive (2) carries Price's original posting. In it, he theorises that " was abused to send the email using a root kit installed prior to the patching of its CVS server for CAN-2004-0396." He advises that "any CVS server running a release of CVS earlier than 1.11.16 or 1.12.8 be taken down immediately and patched."

(1) Heise online magazine

(2) CVS Bugs
Mark Cooper mark at mhc-online co uk
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