DNS-Changer "clean DNS" extension requested

Published: 2012-02-23
Last Updated: 2012-02-24 19:52:32 UTC
by donald smith (Version: 1)
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Brian Krebs published this request for extension by the FBI  to continue to operate “clean DNS” servers for another
120 days. The ISC.org team has been running DNS servers that return valid results instead of the invalid results the
rouge DNS servers had been returning. The current order that allowed the isc.org team to run these servers for the FBI expires March 8th 2012.


The operation was known as “Ghost Click”. We covered it here.

The isc.sans.edu handlers have written a lot of diaries around dns-changer type malware since 2007.
The requested 120 day extension still needs to be approved by a Judge and would help ISPs that are notifying
customers to notify more customers. Several tools have been shown to assist infected customers clean this up.
Merike Keao from Double Shot Security included a list of tools that help to clean this up in her presentation at NANOG 54.
This presentation has a LOT of good information in it.

The DNS-Changer working group has information on how a Service Provider can obtain a list of infected or affected
customers IP addresses here. http://www.dcwg.org/cleanup.html and lots of other good information at dcwg.org

In addition it appears Estonia may be willing to extradite 6 of the people accused of running the dns-changer network.

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