Date Author Title
2023-03-16Xavier MertensSimple Shellcode Dissection
2022-12-31Didier StevensYARA v4.3.0-rc1 --print-xor-key
2019-10-14Didier StevensYARA's XOR Modifier
2018-11-10Didier StevensVideo: CyberChef: BASE64/XOR Recipe
2018-10-13Didier StevensMaldoc: Once More It's XOR
2018-10-07Didier StevensYARA XOR Strings: Some Remarks
2018-10-06Didier StevensYARA: XOR Strings
2017-06-22Xavier MertensObfuscating without XOR
2017-06-06Didier StevensMalware and XOR - Part 2
2017-06-05Didier StevensMalware and XOR - Part 1
2017-03-18Xavier MertensExample of Multiple Stages Dropper
2015-06-23Kevin ShorttXOR DDOS Mitigation and Analysis