Date Author Title
2014-01-22Chris MohaniTunes 11.1.4 is now available - addressing numerous CVEs
2013-09-18Rob VandenBrinkiTunes 11.1 released, fixes CVE-2013-1035 remote code execution vulnerability. (Look for specifics at sometime soon)
2013-02-20Johannes UllrichUpdate Palooza
2012-06-12Scott FendleyApple iTunes Security Update
2011-10-11Swa FrantzenApple iTunes 10.5
2011-03-12Chris MohanApple releases iTunes 10.2.1 -
2011-03-02Chris MohaniTunes 10.2 now out
2010-07-20Manuel Humberto Santander PelaeziTunes buffer overflow vulnerability
2010-07-05Manuel Humberto Santander PelaezApple ITunes account security compromised
2010-04-02Guy BruneauApple QuickTime and iTunes Security Update
2008-09-09Swa FrantzenApple updates iTunes+QuickTime
2008-07-11Jim ClausingHandling the load