Date Author Title
2014-08-06Johannes UllrichExploit Available for Symantec End Point Protection
2014-07-30Rick WannerSymantec Endpoint Protection Privilege Escalation Zero Day
2014-03-02Stephen HallSymantec goes yellow
2014-02-14Chris MohanSYM14-004 Symantec Endpoint Protection Management Vulnerabilities -
2013-12-28Russ McReeWeekend Reading List 27 DEC
2012-01-25Bojan ZdrnjapcAnywhere users – patch now!
2010-05-16Rick WannerSymantec triggers on World of Warcraft update
2009-12-29Rick WannerWhat's up with port 12174? Possible Symantec server compromise?
2009-03-10Swa Frantzenconspiracy fodder: pifts.exe
2008-04-22donald smithSymantec decomposer rar bypass allowed malicious content.