Date Author Title
2023-06-29Brad DuncanGuLoader- or DBatLoader/ModiLoader-style infection for Remcos RAT
2021-07-30Xavier MertensInfected With a .reg File
2021-05-02Didier StevensPuTTY And FileZilla Use The Same Fingerprint Registry Keys
2020-03-27Xavier MertensMalicious JavaScript Dropping Payload in the Registry
2018-01-12Bojan ZdrnjaThose pesky registry keys required by critical security patches
2017-11-15Xavier MertensIf you want something done right, do it yourself!
2016-05-22Pasquale StirparoThe strange case of WinZip MRU Registry key
2008-08-15Jim ClausingOMFW 2008 reflections