Date Author Title
2013-05-22Adrien de BeaupreApple QuickTime 7.7.4 for Windows updated, MANY security vulnerabilities:
2011-08-04Jim ClausingApple release Quicktime 7.7 fixes 14 CVEs, see
2010-12-12Raul SilesApple Quickime 7.6.9 was released a few days ago (just in case you missed it): Update all your web browser plugins!
2010-08-30Adrien de BeaupreApple QuickTime potential vulnerability/backdoor
2010-08-13Guy BruneauQuickTime Security Updates
2010-04-02Guy BruneauApple QuickTime and iTunes Security Update
2010-01-17Rick WannerBuffer overflow in Quicktime
2009-09-12Jim ClausingApple Updates
2009-06-02Deborah HaleAnother Quicktime Update
2008-09-09Swa FrantzenApple updates iTunes+QuickTime
2008-06-10Swa FrantzenUpgrade to QuickTime 7.5
2008-04-03Bojan ZdrnjaA bag of vulnerabilities (and fixes) in QuickTime
2006-09-12Swa FrantzenApple Quicktime 7.1.3 released