Date Author Title
2024-03-10Guy BruneauWhat happens when you accidentally leak your AWS API keys? [Guest Diary]
2023-08-04Xavier MertensAre Leaked Credentials Dumps Used by Attackers?
2023-03-07Johannes UllrichHackers Love This VSCode Extension: What You Can Do to Stay Safe
2022-08-03Johannes Ullrichl9explore and LeakIX Internet wide recon scans.
2022-05-17Xavier MertensUse Your Browser Internal Password Vault... or Not?
2022-03-10Xavier MertensCredentials Leaks on VirusTotal
2021-11-08Xavier Mertens(Ab)Using Security Tools & Controls for the Bad
2021-10-20Xavier MertensThanks to COVID-19, New Types of Documents are Lost in The Wild
2021-01-29Xavier MertensSensitive Data Shared with Cloud Services
2020-11-18Xavier MertensWhen Security Controls Lead to Security Issues
2020-02-28Xavier MertensShow me Your Clipboard Data!
2018-07-12Johannes UllrichNew Extortion Tricks: Now Including Your Password!
2017-01-06John BambenekGreat Misadventures of Security Vendors: Absurd Sandboxing Edition
2016-06-20Xavier MertensUsing Your Password Manager to Monitor Data Leaks
2013-07-21Guy BruneauUbuntu Forums Security Breach
2013-06-22Guy BruneauFacebook Reports a Potential Leak of User Data
2012-11-30Daniel WesemannSnipping Leaks
2011-07-13Guy BruneauAre Mobile Devices taking over your Corporate Network?
2010-12-08Rob VandenBrinkInteresting DDOS activity around Wikileaks
2010-09-26Daniel WesemannEgosurfing, the corporate way
2009-07-10Guy BruneauWordPress Fixes Multiple vulnerabilities
2009-04-24John BambenekData Leak Prevention: Proactive Security Requirements of Breach Notification Laws
2009-03-02Swa FrantzenObama's leaked chopper blueprints: anything we can learn?
2008-09-11David GoldsmithCookieMonster is coming to Pown (err, Town)