Date Author Title
2023-01-06Xavier MertensAutoIT Remains Popular in the Malware Landscape
2023-01-05Brad DuncanMore Brazil malspam pushing Astaroth (Guildma) in January 2023
2020-04-20Didier StevensKPOT AutoIt Script: Analysis
2020-03-23Didier StevensKPOT Deployed via AutoIt Script
2019-05-01Xavier MertensAnother Day, Another Suspicious UDF File
2018-10-23Xavier MertensDiving into Malicious AutoIT Code
2018-10-22Xavier MertensMalicious Powershell using a Decoy Picture
2018-08-21Xavier MertensMalicious DLL Loaded Through AutoIT
2017-09-02Xavier MertensAutoIT based malware back in the wild
2017-08-25Xavier MertensMalicious AutoIT script delivered in a self-extracting RAR file