Date Author Title
2022-03-27Didier StevensVideo: Maldoc Cleaned by Anti-Virus
2020-12-29Jan KoprivaWant to know what's in a folder you don't have a permission to access? Try asking your AV solution...
2020-11-25Xavier MertensLive Patching Windows API Calls Using PowerShell
2020-08-31Didier StevensFinding The Original Maldoc
2020-08-29Didier StevensMalicious Excel Sheet with a NULL VT Score: More Info
2020-01-23Xavier MertensComplex Obfuscation VS Simple Trick
2018-06-25Didier StevensGuilty by association
2015-12-05Guy BruneauAre you looking to setup your own Malware Sandbox?
2015-06-28Didier StevensThe EICAR Test File
2014-05-27Kevin ShorttAvast forums hacked
2012-11-02Daniel WesemannThe shortcomings of anti-virus software
2012-04-26Richard PorterDefine Irony: A medical device with a Virus?
2011-06-02Johannes UllrichSome Insight into Apple's Anti-Virus Signatures
2011-03-17Kevin ListonSo You Got an AV Alert. Now What?
2011-03-09Kevin ShorttAVG Anti-Virus 2011 False Positives - Luhe.Exploit.PDF.B
2011-03-01Daniel WesemannAV software and "sharing samples"
2010-05-26Bojan ZdrnjaMalware modularization and AV detection evasion
2009-09-25Lenny ZeltserCategories of Common Malware Traits
2009-09-17Bojan ZdrnjaWhy is Rogue/Fake AV so successful?
2009-08-29Guy BruneauImmunet Protect - Cloud and Community Malware Protection
2009-08-19Daniel WesemannChecking your protection
2009-08-13Johannes UllrichCA eTrust update crashes systems
2008-09-15donald smithFake antivirus 2009 and search engine results
2006-10-30William SaluskyToD - Configuration Management - maintaining security awareness