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SANS ISC: MSFT Surprise Patch for Total #Meltdown; #APFS Still Logs Some Passwords; #Cloudflare Announces DNS - SANS Internet Storm Center MSFT Surprise Patch for Total #Meltdown; #APFS Still Logs Some Passwords; #Cloudflare Announces DNS

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ISC StormCast for Monday, April 2nd 2018

A daily summary of cyber security news from the SANS Internet Storm Center
Author:Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph.D.
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Created: Monday, April 2nd 2018
Length: 5:36 minutes
Today's Headline: MSFT Surprise Patch for Total #Meltdown; #APFS Still Logs Some Passwords; #Cloudflare Announces DNS

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Show Notes

Microsoft Patching Total Meltdown Patch Again (hopefully for real)

APFS Still Logging Some Encryption Passphrases

Cloudflare Announcing Anonymous/Fast DNS Service


You mentioned Quad9 in this podcast when talking about the Cloud Flare DNS service announcement. Something I've come across with Quad9 but not with other DNS services like or Google's is that Quad9 appears to be blocking some non-traditional URLs. I haven't seen any issues with the normal .coms or .nets, but have seen a lot of issues specifically with .bank. I have been working with Quad9s tech support on this but was curious if anyone else had seen the same thing with non .com URLS.
Posted by KRihner on Mon Apr 09 2018, 20:18
interesting. I just tested it, and it looks fine for a couple of sample records I looked up:

$ dig +short @

$ dig +short sport NS @

Maybe they fixed the problem, or it only affects specific domains.
Posted by Johannes on Mon Apr 09 2018, 22:08
I looked again today. I was using nslookup in Windows CMD and setting the server to which makes my DNS server. Yesterday afternoon when I posted the comment I was getting an DNS timeouts. Checked again just now and it is resolving the .bank URLs. I haven't heard anything else back from Quad9 support, but I'm guessing they fixed the problem.
Posted by KRihner on Tue Apr 10 2018, 18:58

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