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Today's Stormcast: Powershell meets nmap

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SANS Daily Network Security Podcast (Stormcast) for Wednesday, January 27th 2016

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At the end of the Public Hotspot discussion, you mention that ISPs can push configurations onto privately owned routers/access points so they can connect. How is this done? My understanding is that most ISPs will assign addresses to your edge device via DHCP, but cannot configure anything beyond basic connectivity information.
Posted by stefan on Wed Jan 27 2016, 14:45
The docsis standard allows cable modem operators to push configurations via TFTP. This will only work for cable modems, so if you have a distinct router/access point, then they can not do this. There are specific standards to configure the Wifi part of a modem if present. E.g. http://www.cablelabs.com/wp-content/uploads/specdocs/WR-SP-WiFi-MGMT-I06-160111-1.pdf
Posted by Johannes on Wed Jan 27 2016, 15:08

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