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SANS Daily Network Security Podcast (Stormcast) for Tuesday, June 17th 2014

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Interested in Internet Storm Center stickers? Check here if there are still some available for today.

Cumulative IE Patch Not always cumulative. Everything that went wrong at #Stratfor (and not much that went right). #Dominos EU hack!

Cumulative IE Update (MS14-035) only applies if MS14-018 is applied first

Domino's Attacker asking for Ransom in order to not leak stolen data.

Verizon Stratfor Report
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The story about the IE patch is overwrought. It's nothing new. MS14-018 itself effectively requires MS14-012. See the FAQ:
For Internet Explorer 11, do I need to install the last cumulative security update for Internet Explorer, MS14-012?
Yes. In all cases, the 2936068 (MS14-018) update protects customers from the vulnerabilities discussed in this bulletin. However, Internet Explorer 11 customers who have not installed the latest cumulative security update for Internet Explorer may experience compatibility issues after installing the 2936068 (MS14-018) update.

And there have been others.
Posted by Larry Seltzer on Tue Jun 17 2014, 04:07

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