You may request to be notified via e-mail of new diaries or infocon changes. These e-mail notifications are brief and should be texting and "pager friendly". A typical notification will include all content as part of the subject, and a link to the relevant content in the body. Carrier charges may apply if sending to cellular phone.

  • Selection from drop-down will include infocon change notification by default.
  • To change your subscription option, just sign up again and the new signup will replace the old one.

Safari Push Notifications

Recent versions of Safari allow the configuration of push notifications. If you are using a supported version, a dialog will appear asking for permission to send push notifications. These notifications are different from the notifications configured below.


Notification Type:
E-Mail Address:
Approx. time for daily e-mail:


E-Mail Address:

Notification Details

New version of a story is published

Expect about 10 e-mails a day. A handler may mark an update to a story as a new version if it contains a significant addition or correction (more than a spelling correction).

New Story is published

Expect about 5 e-mails a day. We publish a new story for each 'event'. Typically, at least one story is published each day.

Once a day headlines

1 email per day. We will send you a list of new stories published the last 24 hrs.

Infocon Change

You will receive an email whenever the infocon changes. This happens a couple times a year. You will also receive these e-mails if you sign up for any of the other options.

Important Story

2012-04-04: Updated to be included as part of "Infocon Change" notification.

Sample E-Mail

      Subject: [ISC] MacOS X Java Patches
      X-Header: sans-isc-diary