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CIS Controls Version 7

Published: 2018-02-23
Last Updated: 2018-02-23 00:37:24 UTC
by Russell Eubanks (Version: 1)
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The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has been working diligently to update the CIS Controls (formerly known as the Critical Security Controls). A compelling feature of the CIS Controls is their regular updates that reflect the current cyber threats that face organizations, both small and large. The CIS Controls are the product of a truly global collaboration effort. “The CIS Controls have always been the product of a global community of adopters, vendors, and supporters, and V7 will be no exception,” said Tony Sager, CIS Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for the CIS Controls.

CIS is providing an opportunity to participate in the CIS Controls Version 7 release event that takes place March 19 in Washington, D.C., with options to either attend in-person or remotely via live stream. If you have not yet applied the CIS Controls in your environment, the release event can serve as the catalyst you need to consider them as an integral part of your cyber roadmap! 


Russell Eubanks

ISC Handler

SANS Instructor


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